Table of Contents

Chapter One: Roots and Relatives (sample text)

  • Relationships
  • From land to the sea
  • Roots
  • A whale by many other names
  • Taxonomic Classification of gray whales

Chapter Two: The Human Touch—Pre-history to the 1980s

  • Atlantic gray whales
  • Pacific gray whales
  • Commercial whaling
  • The International Whaling Commission
  • Early lagoon studies
  • American scientific whaling
  • More legal protections
  • The two Gigis
  • A bonanza of lagoon studies

Chapter Three: Blubber and Bones—A Gray’s Anatomy

  • Body shape and size
  • Traveling companions—barnacles and cyamids
  • Sensory organs
  • Skin and blubber
  • Muscles
  • Skeleton
  • Internal organs

Chapter Four: Annual cycles–Bering to Baja and Back

  • Summer foraging
  • The migration south
  • Winter breeding lagoons
  • The journey north

Chapter Five: The Human Touch Revisited

  • Delisting of eastern gray whales
  • A new salt plant at Laguna San Ignacio?
  • Whale watching
  • Operation Breakthrough; a ‘Big Miracle’ ?
  • JJ-a different rescue story
  • El Niño and an Unusual Mortality Event
  • Other causes of mortality
  • Modern subsistence harvesting
  • The eastern/western population paradox
  • Polar wanderers